Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bargain Minera Makeup -Mineral Make Up Looking Better Naturally

Mineral Make Up Looking Better Naturally

Mineral make up makes perfect sense for a number of reasons. In a world that is becoming increasingly hungry for natural products and where green is becoming the colour of conscience, women are seeking a genuine alternative to the traditional and often heavily textured makeup and cosmetics that they have been used to for years.

The words mineral and natural go hand in hand. Wikipedia says that, To be classified as a true mineral, a substance must be a solid and have a crystalline structure. It must also be a naturally occurring, homogeneous substance with a defined chemical composition.

Mineral make up uses these natural ingredients and substances to provide longer lasting make up that is especially suitable for sensitive skin types and enables the wearer to not only look good but to feel good.
For many women, make up is simply part and parcel of life and often the first thing that needs to be done each day. In fact, it is probably fair to say that some women simply refuse to leave the house or to be seen, before applying their makeup. This is one of the reasons why modern make up has to be as user friendly and as kind to the skin as possible.

Traditional makeup for some women, particularly those with sensitive skin, can be unpleasant, not only during application but also wearing it throughout the day. Just finding products that are suitable for some skin types can be a nightmare of trial, error and great cost!

A Firm Foundation:

Foundations that are too dark and oily can often mean that in addition to not looking your best that spots and oily skin also become a problem. Another foundation problem can be the need to frequently re-apply the makeup as it feels heavy on the skin and breaks up.
Mineral Make Up Looking Better Naturally

Foundation using mineral makeup can be a much healthier alternative, using organic powders which are suitable for all skin types. Being powder based, it is much lighter on the skin and therefore kinder and gentler for those with sensitive skin. Producing a matte like finish and healthy looking complexion the added bonus of organic foundation is that it also protects from the sun with all important anti-aging qualities.
Bronzer and Bolder

We all want to look healthy and glowing, even when the sun isnt shining and bronzers and rouges are a great way of adding a touch of colour to the face. However, choosing the wrong colour (a common occurrence for those with lighter complexions) can have disastrous results and rather than a gentle glow, make it look as though you have gone 12 rounds with the spray on tan!

Mineral bronzers are absolutely perfect for those with pale or lighter skin colours, producing that warm, summery colour, without looking orange and without many of the problems associated with traditional bronzers, such as feeling like they have dried up and congealed.

The Eyes Have it:

Eye shadows can literally be a nightmare for some women. Often containing chemicals that irritate the eyes and cause them to be sore, not to mention colour fading all too frequently, it means that some simply choose to avoid it.

Perhaps, the knowledge that eye shadows too are available in a mineral incarnation will prove to be a revelation for long suffering women who crave for something that is kinder to their eyes. With many colours available and mineral make up eye shadow proving to be long lasting, there has never been a better time to investigate the world of organic beauty products.